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It’s no secret that I like yoga, its hard, it makes you work and it makes you take your mind to different places and focus on what’s at hand instead of the 1000 other things that run through your mind daily. Sometimes, I’ll admit, I like the little reminders to breathe. Sometimes it is that simple.

One of my favorite Yoga instructors at my gym brings something amazing to each class, an intention, something for all of us to take into consideration as we move forward with our day and our “practice”.

When I got the membership back in June and started back up in yoga, the intention for this class (my first with this instructor) was “Adore your Humanness”, which sounds corny, but as she read the intention, it was just what I needed to hear at that point and time as I headed into this 13.1 journey and back into regular exercise. This is what she read:

“This is it. Your one body you’ve been given this lifetime. You are its caretaker, and in return you are taken care of, rewarded with a space to live. So now that we’ve established a relationship, it’s time to truly enjoy it, nurture it and grow it into a full on life long beautiful obsession.

Key Ingredients to a good relationship (with your body):

Respect. Take good care of your body, respect its limits, know it intimately.

Feed it well, water it and limit the toxins. Dress it up occasionally so it feels like it looks good too. Know when you need more sleep and then get it.

Patience: Your body takes time to heal from illness and injuries. Create space and time for healing.

Loyalty: Covet your own body; you do not have any other. Do not ask it to be what it cannot be.

Action: Your body is meant to be active. Get up, stand up, groove to some music, walk, play do yoga, lift weights, jump run, high five a friend. Get Moving, keep moving. If you don’t your body won’t have the best chance of serving you in the highest.

Adapt and Adopt: Your body changes every day and you have a chance to affect many of those changes. Adopt habits that serve, let go of those that don’t. Make your body a priority. Adapt to its limitations, be flexible, stay flexible.

Enjoy! Take it on a good long wild ride we cal life.” – Amber, Good Life Yoga Blog

She did refer me to Good Life Yoga Blog, where she found this intention. There are many more for your reading pleasure so feel free to take a look!

It’s not rocket science, but from time to time you need (at least I did) the reminder to take care of yourself and your body. For me at the time, I needed it, was my time to (once again) start treating my body the way it deserves, take back my diet and exercise routine and own the responsibility to take me and my body where I want it to go and truly take care of it as mentioned it is the only one I (we) have.

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