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Wedding Party Gifts

One of the most wonderful parts of the wedding planning process is being able to include your closest friends. From dress shopping to bachelorette parties to ridiculous amounts of emotional support, those ladies are there for you! A lovely way to show them just how much they mean to you is a small gift of gratitude. Below are just a few ideas:

  • A knotted bracelet/necklace/earrings, thanking them for helping you to “tie the knot”.

  • A framed photo of you and each friend. This is simple and sentimental.

  • Matching necklaces. Perhaps your bridesmaids are all wearing different dresses, this is a nice way to tie them all together.

  • A gift card to the spa. What a great way to allow them relax with you before the big day! You can also use this as an opportunity to make sure everyone’s manis and pedis are in top shape.

And let’s not forget our guys! Your soon-to-be’s groomsmen deserve a little something as well. We love these gifts for the men:

  • Yeti Rambler Colster. As a special touch, it can be engraved with a unique message.

  • Depending on the feel of the wedding, a cool leather bowtie can add some real style to the mens’ wardrobes.

  • A gift card to the barber. I hear a straight razor shave can be incredibly relaxing! This is a unique way to ensure all the groomsmen are cleaned up on your wedding day.

  • Capcatchers. This masculine apparatus blends equal parts cool and equal parts functional. This authentic cap snagger brings ultimate manly convenience with a twist of unique personalizations that will bring a smile to any one of your groomsmen.

  • A gift in a box. If ladies love gifts wrapped in pretty bags, men find excitement in opening gifts in cool, wooden personalized boxes.

We found Groovy Groomsmen Gifts a great destination for your future groom’s best men. Visit them at for more groomsmen gift ideas!

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