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Working on Your Guest List

Photo: Hagerty Photography

Congratulations! You’re engaged! Now comes the fun part: planning your wedding. You’ve picked out your colors and flowers and you’ve even found your dress. Now it’s time to take on the serious task of paring down your guest list. This can be super overwhelming and isn’t something we recommend taking on a) alone or b) in one day. Definitely get your sig. other involved in the process (you can’t finalize these decisions for them), plus the teamwork makes it more fun!

When you hire us, you gain access to a lot of online tools, one of which allows you to manage your attendees. Alternatively, some of our clients prefer to do this the old fashioned way via a giant printout on the wall. Whichever you prefer, the size of your guest list will ultimately be dictated by your budget. From there you’ll begin determining how many degrees of cousins are invited and who gets a plus one.

If you use Pinterest (that’s not really a question), you can find a lot of handy little flow charts to help you narrow down how to invite and eliminate guests if you’re having a hard time. Don't let this be stressful and don't panic if you can't invite everyone on your Facebook friends list. Breaking the bank isn't sexy, nor is it a healthy way to start your marriage together.

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