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We are constantly asked "HOW" do I become a wedding or event planner? or how do I take my business to the "Next Level"?. We've worked hard to answer that question for you by designing our signature Sterling Wedding + Event Professional Intensive workshop.

Our 5 Day, Luxury Intensive will offer you the ability to learn from Care Schmidt, on not only the In's and Out's of the Profession, but also provide the behind the scenes of Starting and Operating your own Business. Care has also reached out to an amazing group of professionals to extend your learning ability in Mind, Body + BUSINESS!

Our Small Group Program*, will not only include accommodations, but will also include One on One time with Care, Healthy Meals as listed, Vendor Round Tables, Workbook, Templates, On + Offsite Activities, Daily Yoga, Meditation, Journaling, Speakers, and access to Private Facebook Group for Questions and Collaboration with other participants, lots of great conversations and a few goodies up our sleeves!


We have collaborated with professional Coaches, Wellness Practitioners, Creative Partners to provide you with a once in a lifetime learning experience for your MIND, BODY, + BUSINESS.

Your experience will including a one of a kind 5 day intensive that will focus on the following, include meals, and accomodations**:

August 23, 7pm

Welcome Reception

light fare food and beverage


Program Overview

Day 2.

Yoga and Meditation (optional)


Presentation by Heidi Moore of Heart Yourself Collective

What is Service and Hospitality?

healthy light lunch

Identifying the Client Needs and How to Manage their Experience

Logistics Planning and Project Mapping


Yoga and Meditation (optional)


Creative Partners: Identify, Communicate, Celebrate

healthy light lunch

Design in the Details

Proposals to Production


Day 4.

Yoga and Meditation (optional)


Tanya Wheeless, Happy Grace, Tools to Manifest Change

healthy light lunch

Mind, Body, Business, Life Balance


Day 5.

Yoga and Meditation (optional)

Identifying Your Business and your Services

Who is YOUR Client

How to Market to Your Client

Day 6.

Farewell Breakfast 9 am


Who is this Chic, Care, and WHY do you want to learn from her?

You can visit her fancy Bio, by clicking here

But to brass tax it for you, Care has creatively navigated the Hospitality Industry, working with major corporations, growing multi-million dollar Mom and Pop businesses for 20 years. Until starting her own businesses Sterling Weddings + Events and Sterling Creative 13 years ago. 


Although, she made it all look easy, on the inside she needed to actively step aside and decide to make a few lifestyle changes.

Five years later, countless specialists, conferences, coaches, workshops and with the help of incredible people in her community. She came out ahead, learning to love the businesses she had created, accept the losses, and by changing up a few key systems in her business she had the freedom to dedicate more of her time to her Husband and Son.  

170910 Care 0034.jpg


Wedding and Event Workshop, Tanya Wheeless, Happy Grace

As a former practicing attorney, CEO, and senior executive in the NBA, Tanya battled her own stress demons for years. Even though she was doing a pretty good job of keeping all the balls in the air, underneath she was overwhelmed, anxious and on edge. 


So she made some pretty drastic changes to find the road to true bliss. Her journey lasted several years and cost thousands of dollars.

After discovering the secrets to happiness, she developed a coaching method she's been using with high-paying clients around the country to transform their busy lives for the better.

The GLOW Method™ is the foundation for all Happy Grace products as a way to offer affordable, high value self-care options to women who want to feel balanced, calm and happy every single day.


Tanya has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Rolling Stone Magazine, and Fortune, and she was named to the Phoenix Business Journal’s “40 Under 40.” She was also recognized by Arizona Woman Magazine as one of “Twenty Women Who Will Change the Way We Work, Live and Play by the Year 2020.”

Heidi Moore | Heart Yourself Collective | graphic designer, oil guide, momma As the founder of two companies, idieh design & Heart Yourself Collective, Heidi empowers others to Own Your Story. Live Your Style.™ as her own journey has led her to do the same. When she’s not giving “pretty” some serious bite in her design company or impacting others to take control of their health through the power of essential oils in the other, she can usually be found booty-shakin’, having Harry Potter movie marathons or conjuring up new Halloween costumes. She loves heart-shaped everything, funky fashion and bass-heavy music. Through it all, her proudest moment has been taking on the title of "momma" to her sweet baby girl, Luna.


Heidi never claims to be perfect, and she, for sure, enjoys self-indulging from time to time, but essential oils have given her the confidence to tackle her family's daily health needs on the spot in this thing called life...{cough, cough} chaos. EOs are her "mom-to-the-rescue" tools that make here feel confident she's not only helping the issue at hand, but she's doing it in a safe & effective way. How powerful is that?! Come learn how to tackle life's (emotional, physical, mental) curveballs it throws our way through the power of essential oils in this interactive & informative class. You'll leave feeling empowered & ready to start your journey in bringing natural solutions into your home.

with MORE to come!



$2,500 per Participant, REGISTER 7/30 - 8/3 and SAVE $200!

10% Discount for 2+ participants if registered together.

Pricing Based on Shared Accommodations,

Contact Us for Single Room Pricing.

*minimum of 5 Participants, maximum of 12 Participants per Session

**subject to change



Our event location is under lock and key until after registration, but rest assured, you will be with 15-30 minutes of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport,

In the Phoenix / Scottsdale Metropolitan area, parking is available, though transportation and airfare is not included.



Contact US!



If cancellation occurs 90 or more days before training start we will refund payment minus a cancellation fee of $500. 

If cancellation occurs within 90 days of training start, you are responsible for notifying us should your plans change, transfer/credit to a future Workshop is available, but subject to difference in fee, availability and/or date. No monetary compensation will be provided within 90 days.


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