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Safeguarding the Rock!

So It happened he popped the question and offered you his heart, a promise and a gorgeous symbol of his love. Whether .5 carats or 5 carats, princess or heart-shaped, platinum or gold, here is my advise.

One of the first things I will tell EVERY newly engaged couple to run, don’t walk, to your insurance agent . Safeguard the Rock! I tell you it is worth the few extra bucks each year. Let me tell you a little story.

A few years ago, my rings, well disappeared. I KNEW I had put it high up on my nightstand, I just KNEW IT, at this point Jordan was around 16 months old walking and inquisitive. We also had Buddy, our faithful family dog, who was also around the same age and also into and eating everything stage. This is how I KNEW where I put those (wedding band and engagement) rings somewhere neither could get them.

It was a stressful week, lots of tears and lots of sideways glances from my hubby. I swore up and down I didn’t loose them, I KNEW where they were and after a week, I think he was done listening and beyond frustrated. It was at the 10 day missing point after a week of hosing down dog poo, closely examining diapers and emptying the vacuum bag, we even discussed getting an x-ray of Buddy’s stomach when I made the call to Angela, our trusty insurance agent.

I will tell you, Angela had been my insurance agent since I started driving (except for the CA years, where we had a local agent) so when I made the tearful, stressed out call and told her what happened she was ready to go and offered the following options:

  • 1) Go ahead and face the fact, they are gone and move forward with a claim for a replacement

  • 2) wait it out for a few more days to see if they turn up.

I opted for the latter of course, because I KNEW "I" didn't lose them!

It was maybe a day or two later, talking to my hubby about moving forward with the claim, me expressly apologizing over and over when I realized something. I never asked Jordan if he saw them, at this point Jordan was young he had lots of words but not fully into conversation, but literally I just said “Jordan, do you know where mommy’s rings are?” with the response of “oh, momma” as he jumped down off the bed and walked right over to my desk, opened the drawer of my file cabinet and pulled out my rings with a precious little “here momma”. Both in shock and awe, hubby and I grabbed that little man and gave him the biggest hug ever! As we both wondered why didn’t we just do that a week ago and why didn’t I check the file cabinet drawer, doh!!

I jubilantly dialed Angela, told her the story and she giggled and said she was so happy for us and what a great story! But just knowing that IF we hadn’t found them we still would be able to get a replacement was such a relief. This is my silly little story but I can tell you, not all end this way.

I will tell you it is not expensive, it will vary based on your ring, stone, settings, etc and you will need to have a current appraisal to get it. Angela even sent me some sample pricing to use as a reference point:

  • $20,000 appraised amount $253 annual premium or $21.08 per month

  • $15,000 appraised amount $172 annual premium or $14.33 per month

  • $10,000 appraised amount $101 annual premium or $8.41 per month

  • $5,000 appraised amount $49 annual premium or $4.08 per month

  • $3,000 appraised amount $30.00 annual premium or $2.50 per month

Can you believe that for a mere $101 a YEAR you could have your $10k ring insured against loss, theft or damage with NO DEDUCTIBLE!?

Remember the investment he made, geez he even picked that beautiful ring out just for you, decided on the setting and did it all for your promise of a lifetime commitment. I for one would NEVER want to worry about loosing all of that, even if the ring had met some unfortunate fate.

So again, if you haven't already call your agent, just in case.

X's and O's, Care

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