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Sometimes a little rain will fall...part 1

Bridesmaids, check Groomsmen, check Out of town guests, check Gorgeous waterfront venue, check Flowers and decor, check Cake, check Photographers, check Hairstylist, check Make-up artist, check Storm clouds and 50 MPH winds, NOOO!

Yes, it is a fact, no matter how hard you plan you cannot count on the weather.

Our very own Michelle was to wed her beaux Daren last February, and to say we worked to get all the “I’s” dotted and “t’s” crossed didn’t matter. This massive purple elephant HAD to be addressed.

The day started with high winds blowing dust and monster sized tumbleweeds around. Along with branches littering the streets, our worries quickly changed. The typical issues you run into of frosted bitten plants and late guest became a thing of the past. We had to work out the plan B, and this I tell you, is when having an experienced team of vendors is key, my friends.

Michelle’s ceremony was to take place on the outside patio of the Waterfront in Tempe, a beautiful lakeside venue that offers INCREDIBLE sunset views. When the rain started coming down, or more realistically, the DOWN pour started, Jessica, the onsite event manager quickly came to me to chat back up plan ideas.

She and the photographer talked about scenic indoor options in case the rain didn’t let up. Jessica, the Husband and Wife team of DeAmor Photography, and Peter Welter (DJ) took the wheel and kept the day going with beautiful indoor shots and a very daring 10-minute plan. This plan allowed Michelle to decide whether she wanted to chance the elements or re-set the entire ceremony inside. This was a 50/50 shot.

Tell us what would you do, would you settle and reset inside or would you risk the elements and move forward with the outdoor ceremony?

Please enjoy some photo to showcase the day and look for the continument on how the wedding turned out!

Vendors to appreciate:

The Waterfront and their team, Creations in Cuisine Catering, De Amor Photography, Phoenix Flower Shops, Piece of Cake Desserts, Welter Entertainment

Photo Credit: De Amor Photography

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