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Sometime a littl rain will fall...part 2

The continuation of last week’s post…

Just as the ceremony start time loomed, the clouds started breaking the wind stopped and we had our window of opportunity.

Lisa and Jessica, the team at the Waterfront, and some kindly gentlemen guests sprang to action to set the 160 chairs for the ceremony. They helped set the stage for one of the most beautiful moments I have been involved in.

Photo Credit: DeAmor Photography

It was set, ready to go, 160 dry guests, isle, flower donned archway, everything, only things missing were the bridal party and bride. I tell you the very moment everyone was lined up outside it started, a sweet little sprinkle, nothing bad in fact it would let up again in a minute right? As we get down the isle, groom welcomes bride with a blissful smile, here we are ready to go. At this point everyone is a little damp, but no harm, I would do it again in a heartbeat for these two.

The officiant, Gwen Waring, moved the business part of the day right along. She kept the mood light and reminded us all of why we were there, for them, their love and our love of them. Just what every ceremony should include. It was nothing short of beautiful.

Photo Credit: DeAmor Photography

As the ceremony wrapped up, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen all started the processional, the boys were quick to offer the bridesmaids their jackets. Teeth chattering, they each welcomed the sweet gesture.

Photo Credit: DeAmor Photography

All in all, the night went perfectly. Even though everyone was a bit damp for a few minutes, this was nothing a minute by the Waterfronts’ fireplace couldn’t fix.

Last minutes change-ups, and well-organized back up plans didn’t hurt. It was a gorgeous evening full of love and laughter; I for one couldn’t have imagined it any otherway. Even after loosing some of the key planned elements to well… the elements, no one was the wiser. DeAmor photographers even scored some super cute photos with umbrellas, awesome sunset and beautiful storm cloud skyline, which turned out to be some of the most beautiful moments caught.

Photo Credit: DeAMor Photography

They got an extra dose of good luck as told by all the “old wives”. One thing to remember when you are planning your wedding day or any event, make considerations for inclement weather. Whether it be excessive heat, wind, dust or rain, talk to your venue and important vendors about this and know that they too will be prepared for change if necessary.

Photo Credit: DeAmor Photography

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