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Ever so often we hear about Brides that are afraid to step out of the box with color. Why stick to one color, why not have four? Now lets make it clear that we don’t suggest a rainbow bright color palate, well maybe sometimes, picking complimentary hues could be ravishing! If you want to use a rainbow color pallet, dress everyone in black and add an accent item that can be a different for each person (parasols, bouquets, shoes, socks, boutonnieres, ties, etc.) Michelle’s wedding in February 2011 had Bridesmaids in 6 different color dresses, and each color was represented beautifully in the flowers, venue and centerpieces. The arrangements of colors were tied down with anchor colors of ivory and gold. These made for stunning and lively approach and a beautiful palate that spread warmth throughout the room.

Last year chocolate brown took us by storm, the deep rich tone compliments nearly any venue here in Phoenix and works with a huge range of secondary colors (pink, blue, orange etc.).

Metallics and purples are uber popular this year (and my personal favorite) they add elegance, charm, and stunning visual appeal to an event and is simple enough to work into every corner without over doing it. Orange and green are also hitting it big this year!

There are so many forgotten avenues to use color: place cards, deserts, invites, chair ties, flower ribbons, jewelry, accent decor… here you are only limited by your imagination.

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