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Catering trends from our friends at Fresh from the Kitchen

This month I reached out to our dear friend Noelle at Fresh From the Kitchen to tell us about the catering trends she is seeing this season, this is what she shared with us:

We are seeing quite a few different trends this year that make it all the more fun to grow creatively!

Whether the bride is inviting a few guests or a lot, all of the brides share similarities in that they are all going for some sort of special “WOW” factor. Whether it be an Asian Inspired Action Station, the Classic Pasta Bar, Gourmet Smores Bar, or Ice Cream Sundae Bar, the brides are opting for one or all of the above.

Like every year, couples are expressing themselves through color and floral, but this year we’re seeing expression even through their favorite TV shows or movies. We have a couple getting married Halloween weekend and they’re theme/style inspiration is their favorite horror movie The Shining.

All in all, couples are just going for what they love, what they’re ‘pinning’, and what is unique to them. Whether it be something old, new, borrowed, or something pink, green, grey, blue: the catering, and good food is always one of the main highlights of the evening.”

I of course am a huge proponent of having your style, personality and favorite things wow on your wedding day! These are all great ideas to make your wedding burst with personality! If you are looking for a fantastic caterer, look no further than Noelle, she will truly amaze you not only in creativity but she is just an amazing gal to work with!

You can contact Noelle at: phone: 602.694.1197 or email:

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