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Repurpose and Save!

Want an easy way to save some dough and make your reception even more beautiful? Repurpose your ceremony flowers!

You can easily use those isle flowers on your cake table, bar or cocktail tables. Check out how Ashlee used her isle flowers as her centerpieces (er, well vise versa)! She was able to create two beautiful scenes using the same flowers and NOBODY knew the difference!

Things to Remember to pull this off:

  • Talk to your florist to make sure that they will be able to provide the multiple transfers and additional set up, be sure to ask if the flowers will hold up well for IF they are unable to move them. For example, if your Cousin Jane is going to move the flowers, will they be okay in a vehicle for 30-40 minutes during loading, drive time and unloading?

  • Have someone assigned (Day of) to help facilitate this to make sure all are reused and placed where you wanted.

  • If the ceremony is outdoors and it is warm out or you have finicky flowers (which do not hold up well in the heat) this may not be a good fit, again talk to your florist.

  • You can also use the Bridal Party bouquets to dress up the head table, cake table and bar, just ask your florist to leave vases of water for them.

  • For Church ceremonies, remember that most churches require you to leave the two altar pieces, so do not plan on taking those.

This is a super easy and cost-effective way to dress up your reception, if your spending the money on flowers why not get the extra use out of them. Note: This also works beautifully with candles too!




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