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{ Reminder } Relationships are work, so keep it fun!

That’s right, they are work, sometimes even us seasoned spouses forget it. We just got settled back in from our family vacation, where we spent 2 weeks frizzy haired, bug bitten, rained in and lovin’ every minute of it!

We headed east to New England to spend some long over due time with Aaron’s family and friends.

Nothing like a few cool rainy days to kick up your feet with a good book, watch the kiddo play with his cousins, family BBQ’s and coastal day trips to really bring summer fun into your sights. On this trip, we didn’t plan anything that didn’t need to be planned and went with what worked for the day, which is a freedom I now miss (really a planner didn’t plan anything? Yes, it is true and was by design). We truly were able to relax and not feel the pressure of always having somewhere to be or do, it was pure bliss!

I have to say one of the best parts of the whole trip was the opportunity for Aaron and I to be a couple with no thought of bills, schedules and work. We had the opportunity to hike, run, read or simply watch a movie together when we wanted to. We were able to really get back to who we were before parent/adulthood/careers really kicked us in the butt and sucked up our every waking thought. Not to mention my In-Laws were completely okay with Jordan’s undivided attention and catering to his every whim.

I realized too how sad it is when the at home bulk of our conversations are over our calendars: with meetings, work travel, little league and birthday parties, etc, but that is where we are in our lives, and really it is not a bad thing. But realizing this and our vacation from it was a refreshing reminder of who we are when we don’t have to organize our lives together. We were fun, we had fun, not like we are old fuddie duddies at home but it is not uncommon for the night to wind down with the DVR or retreat to the office to catch up on work.

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day life that we forget about the laughter and little things that make a relationship/marriage great, I look forward to making sure we provide “us” with more of these opportunities in the future. He is after all, my best friend, biggest supporter and love of my life but still there are times that we need little reminders of why we chose this person (and vice versa) to spend the rest of our lives with. I look forward to reminding him more often.

Perhaps this would be fun?!

Why am I over informing you on my life? I feel it is important to share this with you, as you plan for your wedding and future together, to remember what’s important: your partner, your relationship, your happiness together: so much relies on these three simple things.

Though our vacation was far from perfect with rain, travel delays and menacing mosquito’s, it was just what the Doctor ordered for the family and we came home clear headed, well rested and reminded of who we are.

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