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{ Tips, Tricks and Trends } Movie Styled Weddings and Events

Want to make your big day into a movie inspired theme? Well you would be amazed that this is a huge trend in modern day weddings. With all of these popular movies out now that we all know and love, why not gain inspiration for the design of your wedding from your favorite flick?

Twilight This woodsy/vintage design is popular even if it is not based off the movie itself. Deep reds, mossy green, candle light and don’t forget the twinkle lights.. lots of twinkle lights. With a vintage lace wedding dress and dark red bridesmaids’ dresses you can’t go wrong. Don’t forget the some gorgeous piano music! This idea can be similar to Snow White and the Huntsman or Mirror, Mirror. These movie themes, on the other hand, would have a light and airy while also mysterious and sexy bride’s gown.

Up (the Pixar movie) A wedding inspired from this adorable movie would be colorful with a small vintage touch. With suitcases, passports, scrapbooks and lots of color. This movie is all about travel and adventure, but you cannot forget the balloons and colorful birds!

Hunger Games This theme is not only used at weddings, but also bachelor and bachelorette parties. These parties include survival skill activities like paint balling, spy school, stunt driving, racecar driving, learning how to play poker like a pro, and event learning how to herd cows and sheep. Sounds like a day to remember!

Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland Not only a creative and fun wedding theme but also a great bridal shower idea. A Mad Hatter tea party with snacks and drinks that say, “Eat me” and “Drink me” would be quite interesting. I see mismatched chairs, lots of clocks, mismatched vintage plates and cups, lots of mini desserts, decks of cards, cookies, little sandwiches, and you can’t forget the white rabbit. A gorgeous blue ruffled wedding dress with a white headband would accent the theme perfectly. With an eye catching theme like this you couldn’t be late for this very important date!

Don’t forget about upcoming movies, I personally cannot wait to see Baz Luhrmann’s version of “The Great Gatsby” coming out this holiday season. I dream of deco styling of gilded vases, antiqued silver, lots of white billowing satin fabrics and heavy all white florals of magnolias, orange blossoms, roses and just a few anenomes. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

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