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{ Budgeting } Using a credit card to pay for your wedding day.

So many clients ask to pay with a credit card, of course why wouldn’t you want to earn some free miles, accommodations or cash back with this one of the most expensive days of your life?

Just to help you out, I wanted to provide just a few little items for you to consider and remember when you use a credit card for your vendor/wedding day payments:

1. Only consider this option when you have the funds set aside to pay the charges, there is NO reason to trash your credit and pay interest fees for your wedding day. Be sure to have your automatic payments ready to go each month.

2. Call your credit card company the week of your wedding day and inform them that you will have a lot of charges coming through. This may help avoid your card being frozen and preventing payments, which means a lot of phone calls and extra work for you, not what you want to deal with the day of or before your wedding.

3. Remember that the bulk of your charges will start 2-4 weeks prior to your wedding day. These final vendor/catering/venue payments will be large, more then the average persons available credit, so be cautious to not exceed your balance and get hit with additional fees. Some clients even opt to have some of these split up over time to break up the charges.

4. Only use one credit card account for your payments/purchases, this way you can easily track your charges, payments and wedding expenses.

Of course there are many benefits by using a credit card to pay your expenses, just remember, you chose this day to marry your man, not debt.

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