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{ On the Blog } Baby Shower Fun with Dr. Seuss!

This past weekend we assisted Michelle and her friends with her Dr. Seuss themed Baby Shower!

Gotta admit this one was a fun one, it is always fun to get a little more out of the box with ideas and switch gears on creativity.

I first found the invitation/goods suite on by Splash Box Printables. This allowed us to create and customized so many different elements easily including water bottles, favor tags, advice cards and an adorable bunting banner.

We also featured a dessert and candy bar which turned out to be absolutely adorable, check it out all the great printables and other super simple decor!

Even all the foods were Dr. Suess themed with “Deviled Green Eggs and Ham”, “Oodles of Noodles” Pasta Salad, “10 Apples of Top” Chicken Salad, not to mention the Lorax Punch! The table centerpieces and decor around the house were all Dr. Seuss books with oversized cut outs of characters, super easy and everyone thought it was so cute. The “Guest Book” was Cat in the Hat and now Michelle and Baby will always have it as a momento.

Overall, a great time was had by all and if I do say so myself if was the best baby shower I have taken part of!

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