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{ Tips, Tricks and Trends } Aunts, Cousins and Girlfriends: Oh, MY!

Having a tough time making your wedding day guest list? This is said to be one of the most stressful duties in starting your planning especially if you have space or budgetary constraints. Here are a few helpful hints to make it just a bit less tedious.

1. Prioritize your Guests List.

Start out by adding your immediate family, bridal party and closest friends to your “A” list. Then add Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and close friends to a “B” list. Finally, the extended group. Here, list your co-workers, parents friends and coworkers, neighbors etc on a “C” list. Start to cut from the “C” list.

2. Have a strict +1 Policy.

Now that you have started with your “A, B and C” Lists talk about how and where you will need to include the plus 1′s. This is usually a very sticky situation, but when you make up your mind, stick to your guns. Remember that each “Plus +” is going to cost you $50-$100+ depending on your catering, bar, floral etc. Some people follow the “No Ring, No Bring” Policy, meaning that if they are not married or engaged, no guests. Though exceptions and considerations must be made for unmarried couples that you know well. If you have a friend that has recently started a new relationship, just state that your venue is very limited and the guest list is already as tight as it could be and state how you would love to meet their new BF/GF for drinks after the wedding/honeymoon.

3. Have a set Kids Policy.

Some couples wouldn’t dream of having a kidless wedding day, others want all their families and friends to have a great time sans the kiddos.

1. Welcome the kids but provide on site childcare or activities. There are many different companies that offer great childcare and activities on site. This is win, win for everyone involved. The kids have fun, the parents have fun and the Bride and Groom have fun!

2. No Kids. If you have decided on a kidless reception, be sure to be clear with all your guests. State “Adults Only” on your invites, couples website and have your Mother, MOH help run interference with disagreeable guests. This can get very sticky and stressful and be prepared for some little ones to still make their way into your reception.

To avoid hurt feelings be sure to keep your decision uniform, with the only exception for the Flower Girl/Ring Bearer if you have them.

4. Don’t make any assumptions.

You never want to assume that someone is not coming, whether they live out of state or out of town, I have seen many a guest lists and budgets sky rocket because too many assumptions were made that people wouldn’t make the trip. Until you have an official NO from them, keep them on the list. Who wouldn’t want to travel to beautiful sunny Arizona in March, when the rest of the country is under a foot of snow?

5. The No’s.

Generally, 15% of your scrubbed down list will not be able to make it. Don’t take the “No’s” personally, everyone will have their own reason for not being able to make it, know that they would be there if they could. Don’t take the “No’s” personally, everyone will have their own reason for not being able to make it, know that they would be there if they could.

I hope this helps and please feel free to contact me with any questions at Arizona’s Wedding and Event Planner

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