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{ Tips, Tricks and Trends } Best Pets : Man’s Best Friend

We know our fur babies are just that, our babies, extended members of our family and why not include them in part of your celebration? Here are some tips on how to include “mans best friend” in your big day!

1. Get permission. A church is going to tell you no and many courses, venues and hotels will only allow you to have the pet outdoors. Be sure to be honest and upfront with your Catering Manager, don’t make them the bad guy. In my experience they will give you plenty of options to work with just realize they have many rules and regulations and other guests they have to keep in mind.

2. Have a pet sitter. Make sure you have someone assigned to watch them before and after you get them down the isle. Someone to take them home following the ceremony or if it is a home event, someone to keep them inside. Even the best dogs in the world are going to want to be pet, fed or hang out underfoot.

3. Consider their temperament. Even the best behaved dog in the world, may not be great for everyone especially your 18 month old niece, who just started tottering around and is not used to pets. Or, your timid or overly aggressive pup may not be the best fit for your guests for obvious reasons.

4. Food and Water Schedule. Make sure you give your pet plenty of opportunities to do their “business” especially if you are having a backyard event. You definitely don’t want you or any of your guests stepping in a mess.

5. Make sure they are comfortable. Have the pet walk the venue, get used the smells, maybe if they have a favorite bed, bring it. Also, be sure to have them wear any outfits a few times before the big day. That way they may spend just a bit less time trying to tear it to shreds.

Know too that a dogs gonna do what a dogs gonna do and that will likely include marking every chair, isle decor and table leg, barking at inappropriate times, or jumping up on your guests. They may be skittish or excited about having so many people around which could bring out unknown and unexpected behavior. Your big day is special for everyone involved. If your four legged family members are invited these tricks and tips should help make the day smoother.

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