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Carpe Diem!

“An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today, the memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow”~ Author Unknown

Congratulations to us! 6 years ago, Sterling Event Design was created! As we embark on our 6th year, we are pleased to announce that we are now Sterling Weddings and Events! As many of you know, we began to rebrand our wonderful little company at the beginning of the year and the name change is a small step in this process. Sterling (as you know it) is still the same, but small changes will be seen in our logo, our business description and marketing materials. Anniversaries are a time to celebrate the milestones you passed along the way and an opportunity to set some fresh goals. But first things first…how to celebrate?!?!

Whether you’re celebrating your first wedding anniversary, your 6th business anniversary or the 50th anniversary of your first date, a celebration should take place! It really doesn’t matter how big or small, but a new memory should be created to honor your special day.

Even though I wasn’t with Sterling on the day it was officially created, Care and I took the opportunity earlier this month to celebrate all the past successes and lessons we have learned from the past 6 years and we took the time to talk about where we see Sterling going . As we toasted our wine glasses in the warm summer sun and enjoyed some girl time (bonus!) we giggled about mishaps, we reminisced about the beautiful love stories that Sterling was honored to be a part of and we stopped. We stopped thinking about our calendars, we stopped thinking about our to-do list and we stopped answering our devices. We just took the time to enjoy the moment.

As Sterling celebrated our anniversary, it made me think about ways any anniversary can be celebrated. As Aaron (my lawfully wedded husband) and I celebrated our first anniversary, we really didn’t have much money to spare on a luxurious gift since we were saving every penny for our first house so I made him a book of “100 reasons why I love you”. Over the course of a few weeks, I jotted down all the small things he did over the course of our relationship that set him apart from anyone else in the world. 10 years later, it is still fun to look over that list and celebrate our life.

Here are a few more suggestions at how to make your celebration special:

  1. Go to Pinterest for some inspiration on DIY anniversary gifts or even special menus. Pinterest is a great go-to guide for any price point, any craft skill or any out of this world idea.

  2. When you select a bakery to create your wedding cake, inquire about your “first anniversary” cake. Many bakeries now offer a free replica of the top layer of your wedding cake for your first anniversary.

  3. Take a trip…even a day trip. Recently Care and (her) Aaron celebrated 9 years of marriage and despite their busy schedules, they knew that a light lunch and wine tasting at a Page Springs Cellars and Winery would be a quaint and simple way to celebrate.

  4. Throw a party! What better reason to get your loved ones together than an anniversary (and this applies to a personal anniversary or even a business one!). Having loved ones with you to celebrate will bring out the best in you and your partner and remind you that life can be a party—at least for a few hours!

We’re always looking for a reason to celebrate be it Cinco de Mayo, St. Patrick’s day or any other holiday we toast to. Put your relationship on that list and make sure you acknowledge how truly special an anniversary is. Carpe Diem friends!

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