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Let there be …Baklava?

Last month Care and I were fortunate enough to attend the wedding of an extraordinary couple, Helen and Jacob. Okay, let me me rephrase that a bit. We were fortunate enough to work the wedding. But truth be told, we admire all the details just as any wedding guest would. Helen and Jacob hosted a traditional Jewish wedding complete with the Chuppah to the Kehubah (or marriage contract)and everything else in between. Even though their wedding was incredibly rich with tradition, they strayed in one very sweet way…they omitted the wedding cake.

Seems tradition only runs so deep as one of the newest trends in weddings is shying away from a traditional layered cake. Cupcakes, brownies, cookies and anything else your sweet tooth can imagine has begun to replace what was once considered the “showpiece” of the wedding—the good ol’ cake. Modern brides and their pastry chef’s are feeling more adventurous and little is being left out. Our couple omitted the wedding cake altogether and not a single person was disappointed or even commented on it. In fact, there were shrieks of happiness when the platters of baklava and individual pies were served to each table. These delicious desserts were a hit with everyone in the room.

As with any meal, the dessert is considered the exclamation point and a wedding dinner shouldn’t be any different. As the daughter of a former pastry chef (and an incredible one at that…the pastry chef part, not the daughter part… Oh, who am I kidding?) I appreciate the exclamation point and truth be told, I NEED it. If you’re interested in breaking the mold and melting the hearts of your guests in a more creative way, think about these things to help you whip up a sweet and delicious option.

What’s YOUR favorite dessert? A talented pastry chef can easily replicate and simplify even the most complicated desserts and often times, a small and personal version of your favorite dessert may be a bigger statement than a wedding cake.

Think about your ethic background and incorporate something that truly means something to you. Were you raised in an Italian home and every holiday was spent noshing on a cannoli? Was your American fiancé raised in Washington and knows the best recipe for a down home apple pie? Stop and think about cultural influences you have and consider sharing those influences with your guests.

Do you want dessert to be an event? There are so many fun and creative ways to allow guests to create their own delectable treats. From ice cream stations where guests can create their own piece of heaven with first class and fun toppings such as crumbled wedding cake or a salted caramel glaze to a crepe station where crepes are made to order; dessert can go from just something to eat to something to do… and of course, eat!

Your wedding day should be a reflection of you and your fiancé . This day is about the two of you and it really is the small touches throughout your event that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Don’t be afraid to break tradition and go out and do something different. After all, it is your celebration.

Cheers to your sweet event!

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