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Saying YES to the perfect dress

Long before the proposal, many women have a good idea of what kind of wedding dress they would love to wear. We already know if we would wear a strapless dress or a fitted mermaid cut. Whatever our thoughts are before the proposal, they can definitely change once you actually become engaged. Some people consider the dress one of the most important elements in a wedding. When the music starts and everyone stands up to turn around and watch you walk down the aisle in THE dress, you will know why picking the right dress is truly important.

Picking the right dress isn’t just about what you love. It has to be about style, comfort, the season, the location and how you feel in it. You don’t want to be wearing a long sleeve dress at your outdoor wedding in May in Arizona. So, here are a few things to consider when going dress shopping:

1. The cost!! Make sure that you and your finance set up a budget before you go out and start eying all the beautiful choices out there. Wedding dresses range from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars! Like most of us, cost is important so make sure you know how much you have to spend. There are plenty of wedding dress shops out there so you really shouldn’t have to worry about finding a dress to fit your budget.

2. The fit! We all want the perfect dress, but don’t forget all of the things you will be doing in your dress: dancing, sitting, standing and walking. Make sure your dress is fitted where it needs to be and has enough room where it needs to. When you try on the dress, take a twirl, sit up, maybe even shimmy and shake a bit just to make sure it can stand up to your wedding day!

3. Consider where and when you will be hosting the party of your life! Things to consider: Is my wedding indoor or outdoor? What season is my wedding in? What time of day will my wedding begin? These are all important things to consider when buying the right dress. You can always add a matching wrap to stay warm (but do you really want to do that?!) but you can’t take off sleeves or a part of your dress to keep cool. Also, look ahead to to see the almanac for your wedding day. Be sure your dress fits the season!

4.Take a friend or a family member…an HONEST one! When dress shopping, you will be in need of some guidance and advice. Ask a trusted member of your inner circle to come with you. There will be a moment when you ask your trusted adviser “how does this look!??!” and you will really want an honest answer so be sure that you bring someone who will be ready to give it to you!

5. How YOU feel in it! In my opinion, this is one of the most important ones. You will be in this dress on one of those most important days of your life surrounded by those closest to you and there will be pictures…..lots and lots of pictures. Please make sure you feel like you could conquer the world in your wedding dress! Make sure it represents your style, your uniqueness and your personality. This is your day, your statement piece and your wedding. Find the dress, love it and wear it proudly!

Whether you spend 2 months searching for the right dress or buy the first one you tried on (that would be me!), make sure the wedding dress fits your body and your personality just the way it should. I knew my dress had to withstand the fun that we were going to have at our wedding, but I knew I still wanted the classic look. I was very pleased with both. My dress was my perfect fit…..classy and fun! It wasn’t too fancy but it could hold up to me hitting the floor and break dancing. Yes, I said break dancing. Thank you dress for being the perfect one.

Here’s to you finding your perfect dress! Questions, comment or ideas? Email me at

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