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Back from Vacation!

This Summer we were so fortunate to sneak away and celebrate the Hubs 40th birthday with some friends in Italy! It's been a while since we awarded ourselves a treat like this and we were able to soak up every minute of it kid free! Yep, little Dude was able to hang out in Maine with my in-laws the whole time. Not sure who had more fun, him or us, but I'm going from our experience and say us.

We ventured all over northern Italy, we visited Barolo wine country, the Italian Rivera and made our way over to Florence. To say it's an item off my bucket list is an incredible understatement, plus my inner art geek was thrilled to see so much beauty in classic works of art, architecture and impeccable cuisine.

Here are a few of my favorite shots, and hey if you're ever heading that way, be sure to give me a shout because I am happy to provide some pointers!

Barollo Wine Country, easily one of the most peaceful, relaxing places I have ever been.

Rapallo, The Italian Rivera

on to Montrossa to hike the Cinque Terre

This hike was tough, but we were rewarded with stunning views at every turn.

View of Florence from Boboli Gardens

Wedding Dresses on display at the Piazza de Pitti

Did I mention I'm an art geek, seeing these originals was beyond thrilling!

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