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{ On The Blog } Sweet Ceremony Ideas

Looking for a new wedding ceremony idea for your wedding day?

Your ceremony should be just what you want it to be whether you are traditional, religious, or non denominational. There are so many ways to incorporate special moments into your ceremony to make it truly your own. Some opt for the standards like candles or sand ceremonies but I wanted to share some new and clever ideas that recent clients have used.

Recently Camila opted to have a wine dedication in her ceremony where they and their families were each asked to contribute items to the box including: wine glasses, bottle of wine, a note to each other and notes from their parents to open on their anniversary.

Looking for a Wine Box – found this on Etsy and this one at Weddingstar.

Aubrey and Ben recently opted to sign their marriage license in front of their guests to seal their matrimonial deal. This was charmingly included by their pastor and very eloquent moment.

Kirsten and Adam agreed to acknowledge her father who had recently passed away by lighting a candle in a beautiful hurricane, this candle burned throughout the ceremony and reception, placed strikingly on the cake table with photos.

Gina and Greg, placed a rose on the seat of her Mother, to acknowledge her love and memory.

When Aaron and I got married, we had a friend Officiate for us, where he included details about how we met, fell in love and our patience with each others obsessions with Boston Red Sox (his), chick flicks (mine) and travel (ours) :).

What do you want to do to make your wedding ceremony special and unique?

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