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Your Perfect Wedding Cake

Let’s be honest, as the hosts of one of, if not THE, biggest parties of your lives, you and your Love may not have much time to eat. One guaranteed moment of delicious food consumption is the cake cutting. No matter how you two choose to feed it to each other, both you and your guests will appreciate a delicious treat for the eyes and sweet tooth.

Wedding Cake with Sterling

Below are our basic steps for achieving your dream wedding cake:

Bakery. Is this the best part of wedding planning? It’s pretty darn close. You get to go cake tasting! Set that diet aside for a day and treat yourself. In addition to flavor profiles, the bakery you choose will determine the artistic limit for your cake, so this is also time to review and talk about design capabilities and budget.

Style. Your cake should be uniquely you, reflective of your special day. You have the opportunity to choose any combination of tiers, colors, and textures. Your baker and cake decorator will help guide your design.

Display. You have a stunning cake, it’s only right to display it accordingly! Take in to consideration what will complement your cake the most: lush florals, fairy lights, or perhaps draping fabric.

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