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Your First Dance

Awwe... your first dance. One of the most intimate and romantic moments of your wedding. As such a sweet moment, it bodes well to pay it some special attention leading up to your big day. What can you do to prepare?

Song Choice. This can be challenging, so grab a glass of wine and sit down together for a couple hours and give it some good thought. Like all other aspects of your wedding, the song will reflect you as a couple. Your song should reflect your style, story, and goals. Care loves to suggest cutting it a little short if you don't like being the center of attention.

First Dance Advice with Sterling

Practice. Practice makes perfect! By learning some

choreography early and practicing regularly, you both will flow with ease across the dance floor. Dance classes can be of huge benefit if you both have two left feet or are looking for something more professional.

Coordination. Is this a choreographed dance with the whole wedding party? Keeping the planner, photographer and DJ informed and on the same page will ensure your music is queued up and your photos are spot on.

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