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Hairstyles for Each Neckline

You found your dream dress. It is beautiful, stunning, the thing dreams are made of. Now the real question, what do you do with your hair?!

Schedule a few consultations with a few different stylists. Just like snowflakes, each stylist is unique and it may take the Goldilocks approach to finding the right fit for your hair.

Remember to take photos of yourself with each style from different angles. It would be beneficial to wear a white shirt and bring your headpiece/adornment with you, as this will completely change the look once placed.

Don’t do something that just isn’t “you”. If you have naturally curly hair and haven’t straightened it a day in your life, your wedding day is not the day to try that out. You won’t feel like yourself and you will hate your photos.

With those tips in mind, here are some basic hair styles that go with dress necklines. Consider this a starting point!

High neck/halter top: up do: ballerina bun, chignon.

Open neck with cap sleeves/straps: low up do: loose chignon; hair pinned to one side in loose waves.

Strapless: low up do to the side; hair worn completely down in loose waves.

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