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Wedding Dress Code - Decoded!

They are going to a chapel and they're gonna get married and your attendance has been requested, but the question of “What do I wear” immediately pops into your head.

I have to admit, I have some pretty strong feelings about this subject, nothing annoys me more than someone wearing white or ivory to someone’s wedding. I wish it was appropriate to carry around a number of clothing options to request people change into, but its not and I digress. So below I have highlighted some easy tips on how to plan your attire for being a guest at someones wedding. Of course, there are plenty of variables to consider: black tie- vs beach, spring vs. winter, afternoon vs. evening but surely some timeless suggestions to help you decide.

Religious Ceremonies

  • Nothing sexy or revealing

  • Have a wrap, shawl, or cardigan to cover your shoulders if wearing a something strapless or low cut.

  • Never solid white or ivory

Black Tie or Black Tie Optional

  • This means formal my friends, men in tuxes and well fit formal gown or cocktail dress in simple pattern or darker color of your choice.

  • Black tie welcomes for glitz and glam, while Optional means a little more understated is appropriate.

  • Semi Formal / Dressy Casual

  • Simple gown, tea length or sophisticated cocktail dress or skirt and dressy blouse. Simple patterns or rich solid colors are great selections

  • Never solid white or ivory

For Casual Ceremonies

  • Generally, anything goes with the following exceptions:

  • No jeans, shorts, t-shirts or tanks (ever!)

  • Never solid white or ivory

  • My general rule is if you would wear it to a job interview, you can wear it to a casual wedding.

Time of Year Fun

  • You can plan your attire to work with the time of year too, for spring, have some light color in a cute tea-length dress.

  • For a Beach Casual wedding a light and airy sun dress paired with some gorgeous strappy sandals (heels and beach weddings make for sore ankles) and don’t forget to plan on some cool air and breezes with a cardigan or light jacket.

And remember as Nina Callaway states “you won’t want a battle of wills between the wind and your modesty!”

I hope you noticed a trend in the hints listed, in case you missed them, here they are again:

  • Never wear solid white or ivory

  • No Jeans, shorts, tanks, flip flops and nothing overtly sexy

  • Always wear something that is comfortably sized, you want to be comfortable so you can dance the night away without giving all in attendance a free show, right?

  • NO cleavage or bare shoulders in a religious ceremony! Please carry a wrap or cardigan to cover up for any event.

  • Many venues will over air condition to make up for the body heat from the dance floor so don’t forget something warm.

When in doubt or unsure of what to wear, talk to the bride, bridal party, her parents or someone close to her that you know is “In the Know”.

You can also check out some of the pictures included or these links to help guide you.

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