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Dessert Bar Ideas

For the grand culinary finale of your wedding, consider serving up a little something different than your standard cake. Below are some of our favorite alternative dessert bar delights. Who’s up for a taste test?

Photo: Hagerty Photography

Ice Cream Sundae

A little something cool for everyone to sample. Ice cream treats are especially welcome on warm wedding evenings.

Photo: Kelly and Sergio Photography


Tap into your guests' inner child! Place out bags and let them fill 'em up.


Always a favorite, simple alternative to cake. Cupcakes satisfy that craving for cake, but in more manageable serving sizes.

Photo: Hagerty Photography

Heritage favorite

Think: Italian confections, French pastries, etc - something that represents your families' heritages.


Fresh Popcorn Bar A fresh alternative to a sweet dessert, we love airy popcorn. You can offer a couple pre-seasoned varieties or get all plain popcorn and let your guests go crazy by mixing and matching their own seasoned concoctions.


DIY S’Mores Transport your guests back to their sweet childhood with a DIY S'Mores bar. Elevate the treats with homemade marshmallows and a variety of chocolates such as dark, milk, and peanut butter cups.

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