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Creating Your Wedding Website


I would be remiss to say that social media is a huge part of all of our every day lives. In addition to hilarious cat videos and “Fri-Yay” memes, it can also be massively useful when it comes to your wedding.

If you have a bunch of out of town guests, creating a wedding website will help both you and them. This is where you can list all that info that you can’t include in your invite such as hotel room block specifics, directions from the airport, and deets on your favorite local eateries and coffee spots. Are you asking your guests to contribute to your DJ playlist for the reception? Your website is the ideal place for this! All their requests are compiled electronically (and easily read) and you can just forward to your DJ. Are you using a hashtag for your photos? This is the perfect place to begin sharing it! You can even simplify the RSVP process and move it all online. Some wedding website domains are integrating online RSVP services, making it easier for you to track your attendees.

The possibilities are endless, just remember to keep it simple. This website should be informational and helpful.

When you use our services* at Sterling Weddings and Events, you are given access to tools to create your own wedding website which we can help guide you through.

*Depending on the package purchased

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