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Hot Honeymoon Spots

After the party it's the after-party! Keep the celebration of your newly wedded bliss going as you head to one of the honeymoon hot spots. Each location has something totally different to offer, and that's what makes these so great!

Disney World, photo credit:

Disney. Explore the inner kid in each other and head to the happiest place on earth!

Banff, photo credit:

Banff. For the outdoorsy couple, this stunning spot in Alberta offers everything from swimming to snowshoeing (depending on the time of year). Plus, lots of cool wildlife selfies!

Dubai, photo credit:

Dubai. Bathe in luxury at one of the many spas or get crazy and hop on a camel and head out into the desert.

Costa Rica, photo credit:

Costa Rica. Laid back travelers will adore Costa Rica, exploring the inner jungles (hello, zip lining!) to the sandy beaches (surf lessons!).

Bora Bora, photo credit:

Bora Bora. For some true privacy, the Four Seasons hosts stunning bungalows stilted over the crystal blue South Pacific waters.

Paris, photo credit:

Paris. Keep your romance kindling over French wine and pastries. Explore the city by foot, getting lost together.

Florence, photo credit:

Florence. Share your love for each other and your love for art in Florence's many museums. A short train ride will take you to Venice, another incredibly romantic little city.

New Orleans, photo credit:

New Orleans. Can't bear to stop the party? New Orleans is always rolling. With local musicians playing at every turn, you can soak in local culture with a side of beignets.

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