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{Series} When a Planner Plans Her Own Wedding, pt. 2

Budgeting. 💸 Currently my best friend and my worst enemy. We should have planted a money tree instead of an orange tree in our backyard, amirite?

My personal downfall, I'm learning, is that I'm diligent in my research and I'm super aware of our finances. This leaves me with a long list of potential venues, several comparative budget sheets, and a brain that doesn't shut off. I don't think I slept last night. This is the exact reason I keep a notepad and pen next to my bed. I literally woke up around 2am to write down notes and questions for a site visit this week.

Like all other brides, I'm feeling some of the stress. Unfortunately I don't have a fiancé to share it with. Thankfully, my mom is super awesome and ready and willing to help where she can. So, how am I dealing and how can you deal too?

- This may not be the best strategy, but I have a few sample budgets running in my Google Docs. This helps me keep everything in one place, and share with Chris just in case he's curious (he's not). I've set up a what-if budget for my top two venues so I can compare and contrast each location: what each venue provides, what I'll have to bring in myself, and approximately what I expect to spend.

- Keeping a notepad by my bed is something I've always done. I'm a list maker, that's just how I roll. This is an especially helpful tool for nights like last night when I can't sleep and think of 13 questions and simply canNOT rest until I KNOW they're somewhere concrete. Ladies, please someone comfort me and tell me I'm not the only one.

- My greatest outlet is of course Chris. FaceTime has been awesome, but not having him more readily available is challenging for a variety of reasons, even more so now when I'm making decisions regarding OUR wedding. FYI - we haven't even nailed down a date yet. The whole no wedding date thing is currently worst part. Without that, all I have is a stunning dress and a super cool photographer.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the next time I pop in, I have a wedding date set, venue booked, and a clear budget plan laid out! 🤞

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