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Favorite Bachelorette Party Spots

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A couple months ago we dished on some hot honeymoon spots. It was a comprehensive list of hot spots all over the world for couples who like everything from a relaxing day on the beach to a day filled with roller coasters.

Today, we're sharing some of our favorite ideas for bachelorette parties.

Las Vegas. Predictable, but always a good time! Flights are cheap and so are hotels. The entertainment is endless from concerts to variety shows and beyond. If you don't like the pool scene at your hotel, you can hop over to another. And of course, there's tons of shopping and incredible dining options.

New Orleans. If you have a large party, you can save money by renting a house. While this city isn't cheap, we think you'll find it worth it. There's live music every day and night nearly everywhere you turn. The food is unbeatable - definitely go well before your wedding so you can work off all that deep fried goodness!. And there's never a dull moment. Just be sure to stick to the buddy system and call a cab if you're out at night.

San Diego. This is a city that kind of has it all. We love that you can discover delicious sushi, paddle boarding, and a hot happy hour spot all in the same day. There is no shortage of bars in the Pacific Beach neighborhood and if you rent some bikes you can easily get around from beach to bar throughout your stay.

Cabo. For an inexpensive, south of the border option, Cabo is ideal. It's also a safe location as it's highly populated by tourists. In addition to pools and beaches, you have local clubs as well as outdoor activities such as riding horses along the beach. Besides, who doesn't love fresh chips and salsa?

Stay-Cation. If you are local and live in the amazing Valley of the Sun, doing an extended staycation with your girls offers endless opportunities. Grab a couple suites at one of the many resorts and start with drinks by the pool, then the day is yours: TopGolf, Happy Hour, clubs in Old Town Scottsdale, and the list goes on. As a local you know all the hot spots and probably have a few you've been wanting to try, but haven't gotten around to - now's your chance!

Denver. For the girls who prefer winter weather activities to the beach, Denver and it's surrounding areas are perfect. In the colder season you have snowboarding or skiing during the day, drinks in the cabin at night. In the summer months you can enjoy hiking, biking, and even camping!

This is not a comprehensive list. We'd love to hear where you went or where you are going for your bachelorette party!

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