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Congratulations, you’re engaged and well on your way to the day of your dreams. You and your love have made your list and begun mapping out your dream wedding. You’ve covered all your bases and made all your plans to make sure you have everything. As a friendly reminder, make sure that you make your wedding day count by making sure you have…your MARRIAGE LICENSE!

Now, don’t laugh! I know what your thinking, who could possibly forget their marriage license? Well, probably more people than you would expect. When I lived in San Diego, I had a friend who had hand painted invitations made, she personalized bottles with every guests name created for their favors, an 8 piece band perform, and 6 options for dinner. Despite all of her meticulous planning, she completely forgot to get their marriage license. She didn’t remember until about 2 days before their ceremony at which point it was too late. They didn’t a have the necessary paperwork to make their wedding day legitimate.

As you plan your wedding, you get caught up in every detail and having to do the paperwork necessary to make your wedding day count could easily be overlooked. Obtaining a marriage license in Maricopa County is easy. There is no blood test necessary but both bride and groom need to be present with appropriate identification. A marriage license is good that same day and it expires one year from when it is issued and the application only costs $76.00.

You and your spouse along with witnesses and the officiant will need to sign the paperwork on the day of your wedding. When you have all the correct signatures, you (or your officiant) send it in and a certified copy of your license will be sent to you making your marriage valid! For more information on a marriage license go to

Remember to put this one very important errand on your wedding to do-list so when you leave your fabulous party, you truly are Mr. and Mrs!

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