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Though the Eyes of an Intern…Things NOT to Forget on Your Big Day!

The first wedding I helped at, I had no real idea what I was getting myself into, just two ASU Students starting in the events world. I sure wish I could have had the help and expertise from an experienced planner such as Carrie.

Each wedding I work at I learn something new that is important to have handy the day of. Take some of my experience and put it to good use!

Things not to forget the day of…

  • Bobbie pins

  • Chap stick

  • Band-aids and Blister band-aids (you and your bridal party can thank me later!)

  • Mints

  • Tylenol/Advil

  • Tissue

  • Flip flops (for WHEN, not if, your feet hurt)

  • Lint roller

  • Tide to Go (instant stain remover)

  • Safety pins

  • Straight pins / Small sewing kit

  • And most importantly… your head (keep a clear head on your shoulders even with everything that will be going on)

  • Sunscreen – Even with an indoor ceremony you will likely take many, many pictures outside.

  • Lip Gloss for touch ups, most make up artists give you a little tube

  • EAT, EAT, EAT!!

  • Water!!

Things to note: The last two are incredibly important: drink lots of water and eat and snack, your feet will hurt just plan on it, relax and let someone else handle the details (like us at Sterling!), and most of all make the most of your special day by focusing on what went right, not what went wrong.

Have an amazing day to remember for a lifetime!

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