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Wedding Details That Shouldn’t Be Overlooked

Your wedding will be brought to life with an array of wonderful details! Elegant décor, festive entertainment, mouthwatering cuisine; how could you not adore such a celebratory event?

However, seeing as there are so many elements to plan, it’s easy to overlook some details!

We believe that no detail should be missed when it comes to planning a wedding! That’s why, here at Sterling Weddings + Events, as Phoenix wedding planners, we have gathered some details that shouldn’t be overlooked as you plan your own wedding. If you would like to learn what these details are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Festive Favors. Your wedding guests have traveled from near and far to celebrate your nuptials with you. Therefore, you should return the favor. By presenting your guests with wedding favors, you can show them just how much you appreciate them attending your big day. Whether it be a custom gift, such as personalized koozies, or a sweet treat, such as pre-packaged s’mores, you can ensure that your guests will appreciate this festive wedding detail.

  • Unique Entertainment. Dancing will most likely be the main form of entertainment at your wedding. However, it doesn’t have to be the only form of fun! By hiring a caricature artist and booking a photo booth, you can allow your guests to take home a celebratory keepsake from your big day in a fun way. In addition, know that lawn games would be a great source of entertainment for guests of all ages.

  • A Grand Exit. Once you wedding comes to a close, it will be time to make your grand exit as newlyweds! You could just walk out the doors, but is that really the way that you want to exit your big day? Instead, consider putting on quite the show with fireworks! Or, you can even have your guests illuminate your way with sparklers. In addition, know that blowing bubbles or tossing herbs or confetti would pose as a fun way for you to depart your nuptials.

Your wedding day certainly deserves to be spectacular! These are just a few details that you shouldn’t overlook as you plan yours.

So, if you are ready to continue on with planning the rest of your nuptials with a wedding planner in Phoenix, Arizona, please get in touch with us here at Sterling Weddings + Events! We understand that every wedding should be planned to perfection, and would be pleased with the opportunity to ensure that yours is.

Photo Credit: hagerty photography

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