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Summertime with St-Germain!

Other than the scortching Arizona temps, summertime means a break from day to day “work” and apparently a lack of attention to the blog posts. Shame on me, I know!

Today’s blog is a little bit of a fun one:

Last month I literally spaced the annual Knot event, you know where they try to sell you on advertising and spoil you with food and ample drinks. To my surprise I was greeted by a dear old friend from CA standing before me. What an amazing treat since, literally, as just an hour prior I was home with the guys making dinner before realizing I forgot about the party and nearly passed on attending altogether. But lucky for me I went and the beautiful Jen and Tracy were there spreading the gospel of the fantastically delish St- Germain and my new favorite summer cocktail, “The St-Germain Cocktail”. St. Germaine is a subtle liqeur, made of french elderflower blossoms. Really their website describes the process best, but basically many a kind fellow handpick and transport (on bike?!) elderflowers to be artfully fermented.

Here is their desciption : “With a subtle yet complex flavor, reminiscent of tropical fruits, pear and citrus, St-Germain is extremely versatile. It pairs well with every base spirits and adds character to any cocktail.” Since first testing it last month, I have tried it a few ways, though nothing compares to the incredibly refreshing “St. Germain Cocktail”, it is just delightful though I am looking forward to making the “Sangria Flora” for a day by the pool!

Below are a few recipes to try for yourselves. St. Germain can be purchased at your local AJ’s and Bevmo for about $30 a bottle, (which will last you a good few batches!). Notable traits: preservative free, it has a low sugar content (roughly half of other liqueurs!) and adding to that, the drink recipes listed are all pretty low cal too. You don’t need all the heavy mixers or sugary juices to make a great drink, soda water, wine and fresh fruit to make a perfectly refreshing summer drink.

You can also visit their website and take a gander at their “Wedding Cocktails” or if you don’t see something you are looking for, you can email them and their artful mixologists will create a drink for you! Try ‘em out and let me know what you think!

St-Germain Cocktail,

St-Germain Sangria Flora,

St-Germain Mojito,

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