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On the Blog { Mind and Body } My Journey to 13.1

I have pondered the idea of creating a “Mind and Body” blog for a bit now, as I am training for an upcoming Women’s 1/2 Marathon (nuts, I know!). People ask why I decided to do this and honestly my answer is simple and sad, “I hate to run” I do, I really, really do. But really how often to you put off things you hate to do, always goes to the bottom of the to do list. So why not take on something head on, attach it, make it just crazy enough that you have to prepare your mind and body for months leading up to it?

I did something like this a few years ago when I did the Susan G Komen 3 Day, but honestly my intent was different there, I wanted a physical and mental challenge and let me tell you it was. For all the pain I experienced the reward was 1000 fold.

I hope to experience this with the 13.1 I have committed myself to along with countless hours and pairs of new shoes (silver lining, maybe?).

This blog will be about my journey to the finish line, tools I find that are helpful and how I fight my urge to work, play with friends or sit on my a$$ to run, daily.

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