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Unique Ceremony and Reception Seating

Looking for some new and innovative ways to seat your guests for your ceremony and reception?

If you are over the standard round table seating charts, then check out these great unique seating ideas to create a unique and very memorable reception for all your guests! We have a couple of our favorite options below, check it out! (you can click here to see the full blog with images)

For the Ceremony:

  • Bench Seating is fun and extremely attractive for an outdoor ceremony with a view!

  • Comfortable padded chairs (cheat: if you are having the ceremony and reception at the same location, use the same chair!)

  • Here at Sterling, we LOVE the amphitheater seating, it brings your guests closer to you so no one has a bad seat!

For the reception:

  • Feasting or "Kings" Table, everyone at one table, what is not to love about this?

  • Family Style table groupings of 6-8 guests are great for an intimate setting and make it really easy and comfortable for you guests to chat.

  • Square Tables are a great way to offer your guests easy conversation and make a massive space feel just a little bit more intimate.

  • A U-Shape setting is great for any size party, make it big enough to have the dance floor in the middle, the party will never end as everyone will have quick access to the party on the dance floor!

Check out's creative seating ideas! 16 Unexpected Reception Seating Ideas.


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