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Choosing Your Centerpiece, Getting Started

They greet your guests as they sit down to enjoy your wedding reception, set the mood as you celebrate your new commitment in life, and warm the hearts of your loved ones while they toast to you and your marriage…That’s right, they are your centerpieces!

With so many ideas to choose from, creating a centerpiece that is the perfect highlight to your wedding table can be a daunting task - one we’re always excited to help you with!

To help get you started, we’ve pulled together three of the top centerpiece styles for you to explore:

Modern beauties. For the sleek and sophisticated wedding, these centerpieces are up to date with current trends.

Where: Less traditional space such as a lounge or warehouse.

How: Project an architectural feel by using rectangular and box shaped vases, staggering heights, and added greenery.

Rustic wonders. These centerpieces provide a naturalistic appeal.

Where: Outdoor venue such as a barn or vineyard.

How: Loose blooms and wildflowers in an unstructured appearance, placed in metal tins, wooden crates, or a variety of glass jars.

Simple classics. Although simple, the classic center piece truly stands the test of time.

Where: Resort, indoor/outdoor.

How: Place roses or hydrangeas in small or medium sized arrangements using modest vases of varying heights.

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