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Unplugged Wedding

Let’s face it, the sleep has barely cleared from our eyes before we’re checking our phones. We’re attached to our devices. And while that can be a wonderful and convenient thing, sometimes a wedding ceremony might not be the place and time for that particular love affair. Many couples are moving toward the “unplugged” trend asking guests to leave the photography to, well, the photographers. You’ve invited your closest family and friends to take part in such an intimate and exciting moment in your lives, and to have them distracted by getting the “perfect” cell phone shot is certainly disappointing. Imagine sneaking a peek out to see smiling faces, mom and dad tearing up with joy, and seeing 175 cell phones staring back at you.

Thankfully, there’s a simple solution! You can easily create a fun and friendly sign asking guests to shut off phones and cameras for the ceremony. This message can also be printed in the program to really send the message home.

Did you ask your guests to leave cameras and cell phones under their chairs? Are you thinking about going “unplugged” for your ceremony? We’d love to hear about it!

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