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Telltale Signs You’ve Become a Bridezilla

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The Bridezilla, she is not just some mythical creature that your girl friends warn of as wedding folklore tradition. Given the right (or wrong) combination of events, the Bridezilla in you could rear its ugly head. And no one wants this. Not you and certainly not the people around you. So, what are a few telltale signs she’s making an appearance and how can you keep her in check?

All Wedding All the Time. Unless it’s immediately following your engagement, guaranteed everyone knows by now that you’re getting married and planning a wedding. If no one is participating in your wedding planning discussions any longer, take that as a sure sign to move the conversation along to a new topic. Have you asked how your friends are doing lately?

Control Freak. It’s your wedding and everything should be just as your heart desires. But there will be some things that you simply cannot control (that’s what your wedding planner is for!). Trust us, it’s far less stressful once you just accept this. Having a hard time? Try some meditation, coloring books, or go for a solo hike.

My Way or the Highway. Has your opinion become the only one that matters because everyone else’s is wrong? You’re not obligated to make any decisions based on others’ suggestions, but being open to simply listening to what your mom has to say might prevent an unnecessary fight down the road. Treat mom to a mani/pedi and hear her out - who knows, she might have some good ideas!

We know you don’t plan to have a Bridezilla experience, but sometimes it just sneaks up on you. Allow yourself a few moments to take a step back from the planning process to take a break and breathe. Here at Sterling Weddings & Events, providing you with an easy and fun planning experience is our goal, so that we can keep your Bridezilla at bay and exceed all of your visions, so be sure to contact us today to begin planning your Arizona dream wedding.

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