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Valentine's Day - Last Minute Ideas

Uh Oh! Valentine's Day totally snuck up on you? If you were totes busy being a #bosslady and it sort of, maybe (yeah) slipped your mind that Valentine's Day was this Tuesday, I've got you covered.

While I subscribe to the belief that you should shower your sig. other with love all day err'day, I love having someone to share V-Day with. We don't do the "typical" fancy dinner reservation, so I'm going to share some things that my boo and I have done in the past that you can for sure pull together in a couple days!

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Love Notes. I took some time to sit down and think about what I really loooooove about my BF. Funny, serious, and everywhere in between. I jotted them on post-its and stuck them in the shape of a heart on our bathroom mirror to which he was greeted when he got home from work.

Heart Shaped Brownies. They were red velvet and this is definitely the way to a man's heart.

Date In A Jar. Borrowed totally from Pinterest. Are there a bunch of things you'd like to do together? This is perfect! You can categorize by color ($-$$$) and then you do what the stick says. It's awesome for those days when you just don't have a real plan.

Scavenger Hunt. My sweet guy put a hunt together sending me to all our favorite spots (restaurants, stores, etc) and had me pick up pre-paid food and wine along the way. The hunt ended at the site of our first date at sunset where we picnicked with the food I collected. This is a bit more elaborate as it involves the collaboration of the employees and time spent creating clues, however I can attest that it's incredibly fun! And also a great story to tell.

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