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Survival of the Fittest : Bridal Show Edition

It's that time of year again, BRIDAL SHOW SEASON.

No matter what stage of planning you are currently in, be it just recently sporting a snazzy rock on that finger or down to the execution stages of the finely tuned details, for "Bride to Be" the Arizona Bridal Show and Phoenix Bridal Shows are a right of passage, or a direct route to lots of cake samples.

Will they be overwhelming? Yes. Will you be exhausted? Yes. Will you want to overthink every decision you've already made? Yes.

Since we have done this a few times, we compiled a little "suggestion" list to help get you through this uberly exciting, and exhausting, bridal show.

Trust us, this WILL help you so very much.

Tip #1: Pre-print labels with your name, address, email address, phone, and wedding date (or TBD). This will prevent you from having to write our your info again and again for vendors. Rest assured that your "write" hand will thank you for this. BONUS: Set up an email address solely for wedding planning purpose. Huge help in keeping you sane, and email organized.

Tip #2: Bring a trusty tote bag along for all the swag and info you will receive. It's a long day with lots of handouts so make sure you (or that wonderful "fiancé" of yours) are prepared to carry it in a reliable bag.

Tip #3: Buddy system for the win! Do not attempt to tackle this show alone. Bring (drag) your fiancé, your mother, maid of honor, best friend, etc., you get the point. It will keep you calm, sane, and allow someone else to feel like that can partake in the planning of your special day.

Tip #4: Plan your route. Upon entering the show, find a map and a vendor listing and locate the vendors you want to visit and specify a priority order. Hit them first. There will be hundreds, each and every one trying to capture your attention.

Tip #5: Take pictures of business cards for those vendors that you WANT to remember, also, have a system in place for remembering these vendors. Put their business cards in a back pocket, cash side of your wallet, makeup bag, etc. Some place where they will not get lost in the shuffle of hundreds of others handouts.

Tip #6: Stay for the grand finale. Fashion and entertainment to close the day! Feel inspired by songs for your reception, accessories for your bridesmaids, or maybe even your dream gown. If that's not your thing, schedule one-on-one time with vendors while the rest of the brides are taking in the show.

Tip #7: Take water and healthy snack, with sweets around every single corner, you'll be happy to have something to level out the sugar high.

Now, the most important tip of all....ENJOY!

You are only doing this once, so make it count! When the show is over, you will be overwhelmed, exhausted, and potentially very confused. Bottom line though, at the end of the day, you will be so creatively inspired and exhilarated to move forward in the planning of a truly memorable day in your life.

So, enjoy it!

Have questions you would like answered, feel free to drop us a note at and we will address it in an upcoming blog or newsletter.

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